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  • Phone Number: 630-370-4047
  • Phone Type: Cell Phone
  • Phone Company: Cellco Partnership Dba Veri...
  • Country:USA - United State
  • City: Yorkville
  • County: Kendall

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June 19, 2017
Some brainless, low-life, thief scammer trying to get you to go to showmypc.com so he can gain access to your computer, screw it up, steal your identity and charge you to fix it.Had to play along with him long enough to waste as much of his time as possible and get him as pissed as I could.When these [***] call, entertain yourself with them. Act concerned but dumb. Make sure you screw up alot because youre not computer literate and old. Be the perfect victim. Then, string them along and take up as much time as you can.Its amazing how long theyll hang on when they think they have a good victim on the hook.Then start asking them technical questions.Ask them if they got their MCSE the same place you got yours.I record them now. Too much fun bending the idiots over...Call type field below, should have scammer and thief as options. Thats who this guy is.

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