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March 8 8:14 am
Yeah i recieved a  phone call today @ 1030am on my cell. Its not the first time and i am sure it wont be the last time i hear from them. They always give a diffrent store when they call, I have recieved over 5 messages and saved them all. They even go as far a to tell me to F*&( off. What type of business says nasty and rude comments. Scam artist that what a free ride.

December 29 11:45 pm
im getting calls from the same number 1-713-489-7846 MNDOC cant understand the name given. didnt accept

December 29 11:45 pm
Hadn't gotten a call from these guys since the last message I left (8-30), today they called again. They left a message this time demanding to speak to a relative who doesn't live here. *sigh*

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