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January 23 6:27 am
This number called my cell several times.  I finally answered it.  I was told that they were "customer service" and were calling about my charge card number ending in 1754.  I asked what bank?  An oriental sounding lady stated that she could not give me the name of the bank.  I said well you called me- what bank are you with?  She again stated that she could not give me the bank name, that it was confidential.  I  then told her that this was a scam phone call to not call me again and to drop dead!  The number that came up on my phone was 210-215-2434 call from New Jersey.  When I white paged it, San Antonio, TX came up as source of call.  THIS IS A SCAM CALLER.  Later, I called the number back, I got a man's voice that said this was customer service and to have my credit card information ready. It was made to sound that I was on hold. I stayed on phone for about a minute and no one came back to me. So I hung up.  DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!  I have contacted my local police department.  PS- I have no card ending in 1754.  They have not called back yet.

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