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December 26 1:48 pm
ITS A SCAM CALLED CRAMMING AN ITS ILLEGAL.. Cramming: When monthly charges pop up on your telephone bill for optional services that you never authorized such as voice mail, paging, or club membership, its called cramming.You may be asked to return a missed call because its Your lucky day and youve won a trip to Las Vegas. When the call is made, an automated system is activated and you are unknowingly enrolled in a club or program, and the charge is placed on your phone bill. The crammer might not even need to do anything except simply pick your phone number out of the blue and place charges on your bill through your local telephone company, claiming that you agreed to purchase some services. Look at your bill closely every month. Charges for optional services should be itemized and show the name of the company providing them and its phone number. If you did not authorize the services, call that number and insist that they be canceled and the charges removed from your bill. Also, consider putting a third party block on your phone service. Its often free and it does not let any third party add charges to your phone bill.

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