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April 18 7:09 pm
Because with number portability, that number COULD HAVE been with either AT&T or Sprint, or any other carrier for that matter... BEFORE YOU GOT THE NUMBER.It happens. The number isnt a scam -- it may be based on outdated records, but its not a scam.If it had been ported to your current carrier by the previous person, and they didnt pay off AT&T, that number will still get calls from AT&T about the bill, until you straighten out the fact that youre not that person... then theyll stop. I had to explain that Id only had the number for a couple of months and was not the previous person, then the calls for their old bill stopped.And after almost 4 years, I STILL get calls on my landline for the previous owners of that number. go figure.

April 18 7:09 pm spam message

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