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February 3 5:40 am
This just happened to me at around 11:30 this morning. There were 2 phone calls one from a blocked number a young girls voice saying she has a summons she wanted to serve me to appear in court on Monday. She couldnt tell me why but I had to call another number 8445641077 to find out. She also added that its possible if I settle the matter I might not need to be served at all???. I called the other number and Im pretty sure she answered that number (same voice). She transfered me to a guy who was threatening me with court and a $4000 judgement for a $500 loan he said I took out in 2011!I asked for the proof and he said they would email it over but he never did. I called back and asked about the email and he said they would do it tomorrow??? This must be a scam. I also requested my bank statements from 2011.BE aware!!!

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