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December 25 8:44 am
I keep getting calls from 231-224-2048, 231-224-2024, 231-224-2028 and it shows on my caller ID all of them being CTC Marketing.The strange thing is that It rings twice and turns into a dial tone and call ends. How did they make my phone do a dialtone. At night I turn off my phone ringer so it don't wake me up and still gets through. I called 2048 and 2028 number and the operator recording says, your call can not be completed, please check the number and dial again. The 2024 number says they are a customer care service center and calling on behalf of a free publication I received or are eligible to receive, that we try to follow all laws, we're sorry if we reached you in error, you can leave a message to be removed. I never requested anything. Their voice mail box says it is full. Will this ever stop? Am tired of getting woken up. I called phone company and they didn't say much. I may try to call them again.

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