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March 10 8:11 am
Received many phone calls from this company from several different numbers.866-8088-7284422-208-6960as well as some local numbers from right here in my town!They called asking to get some information because someone had used my name as a reference. Believe it or not, I used myself as a reference. I said of course I know her because I AM her and that there was some sort of mistake. Thats when they proceeded to tell me that they were trying to collect a debt for some student loans from 20 years ago.They are deceptive, unethical, pushy, rude and I dont care how big they supposedly are, they are a total scam. Also watch out for the company they usually say they are collecting a debt for ECMC (Educational Credit Management Corp). These companies have been in court more than any companies Ive ever seen.

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