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January 9 2:00 am
hey joe um Im making this call cause I wanna test to see if uh i get like the audio separated audio um so um please dont put me on speakerphone i just want only your voice to be heard You all have no idea how long Ive been searching for anyone else that had encountered this! Ours started October 11th, 2014 and has continued almost daily from different numbers, so blacklisting them in our PBX has had no effect. These are happening during business hours, too. I had searched far and wide in Google but apparently wasnt matching properly until I searched on the operator part of the message at the end.I wish there was a forum or a subreddit to get to the bottom of this.From what I can tell, there is no common thread to the numbers that have been calling, and some may still be active and arent recently disconnected or anything. Meaning, they may be coming from compromised PBX systems, or they may be simply source phone # spoofing, or who knows.Searching for some of the phone #s that have left this VM yields nothing conclusive either. This ones definitely bizarre. If theyre trying to break into our PBX, why the same message over and over? Is it somehow testing a vulnerability? If you answer the phone, the message plays back just the same way you hear it on your voicemail ---why?

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