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December 25 5:19 pm
This # called me knowing my name and telling me calling from my bank just wanted to know if i just called them...i said no and then a girl was like can you tell us ur security answer that you changed 2 days ago i said no and she said..well the person called us knew the answer so we wanna know who is the right person then i said ill call my bank and talk to she said dont worry just keep an eye on your account and call us if something fishy i was like where you calling from she is like security i asked couple more question and she hung up. [***] [***]P.S they got me bad over the holidays so i just changed my security alerts and [***] have the guts to call me and ask for new security password..Im pretty sure banks are involved otherwise how could they have open a new account on my existing account and up my limit and change my address .

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