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December 15 8:45 pm
Heres what you do people, they have a local Anaheim California number. Look it up on their website under their corporate offices. Then call the sales manager, tell him how you feel and lodge a personal complaint by phone. Then tell him you want to send a letter to their President, and recommend him (the SM) to the President as being the only soul with the heart to listen. This works very well, and we can rid the community of these eggheads once and for all.I actually picked up today, asked them if I should return the car to the dealer. They said it seems like youd like to keep the vehicle. I said, its a fine car, its you people I hate, should I bring it back? If not, how do i get you to stop calling? They said they would continue even if I returned the car!Heave ho, America...4 more years of the same thing, no matter what we do, or who would have won!Congrats...maybe when I move to Canada, theyll give up, I should take the damn car with me!

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