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March 24 12:15 am
I'm hate the phone calls myself but I did work for a legit company that raised $750,000 (give or take $100,000) a year for needy children and I made %5 of how much money I collected which is great for ANY charity that doesn't have to pay rent, phone bills, payroll, power bills etc. just for allowing the charitable organization to used their name and I assure you I would have NEVER been as rude as I hear some of these other guys where but the national "Do Not Call List" does not apply to charitable organizations but rather people selling items....not raising money for charity. FYI I would collect around $7,000 a week and I would get my 5% ($350) and my employer would get another %5 ($350) to help pay overhead. Not a bad deal for either side if you ask me but I just couldn't handle the stress.

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