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October 8 8:46 pm
got a called from 323-786-1989 guy by the name David White with capital one bank saying I was approved for a loan i knew the voice cause i have him recorded on my phone with a strong indian accent from a lawyer office saying they where suing me and need to call them or my attorney it was time sensitive and if didn't all he can say is he sorry and god bless you!

March 8 8:11 am
DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER! I received 8 consecutive text messages from this number today with the message that my Suntrust debit card had been blocked and to unblock it I needed to 253-785-0259 right away. The number did not look familiar to me, and when I called it, the voice prompt sounded strange. The voice asked me if I wanted to unblock my card to press "1." When I pressed "1" it asked for me to enter my 16 digit card number, but I refused. I looked up Suntrust's telephone number online and called to tell them about this incident. The person I spoke with there sait this is fraud and has been happening for the past 48 hours. I reported the number.

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