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March 2 11:38 am
No, it IS a scam but the posts below explain how--AT&T hires collection agencies, but collection agencies are not always above board. As a result--they harass you illegitimately and hire folks who are told to threaten you and demand payment. The scummiest part is these agencies deliberately do sloppy searches on unpaid accounts and simply call people with that same name (and sometimes in that same area, but not always). If you know you dont owe any money, and tell them off, they just hang up and go on to the next number.It takes so little time and money to do this, that they can go through hundreds of numbers in a few hours and collect from folks who dont owe anything to AT&T, but are scared and simply hand over the soc security number, their credit card number.Not all scams are started by small-time con artists. AT&T is known (Sears as well) to hire anyone to help collect, which adds a patina of legitimacy.

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