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January 2 7:04 am
An India-based company named DNF Global Solutions.Obviously, this is a well-connected establishment who are harassing and scamming people. Read my story and I did file a report. I was locked out of my Hotmail account and I was in this continuous loop. I searched the Internet and came across this company who provided tech support for Hotmail. I contacted them and I was told by this tech named Nick Nelson that 227 emails were sent from my computer requesting peoples financial data. I entered a contract with them for 3 years that they would provide all of the tech support for my computer. I later found out that companies like DNF Global Solutions are ripping people off. The name of this company is DNF Global Solutions who are located in India. The tech installed this Super AntiSpyware virus, which made my computer slower and infected my computer with viruses; my files were being deleted, uploaded and files were hidden. After I did my research, I learned that was a rogue virus to annoy me and to infect my computer, which it did. The scary part is that they were able to unblock my Hotmail account. I changed all of my passwords. While, I was speaking to them, someone gained access to my online banking account. They became the Administrative of the computer and I have not been able to repair it. I was told to call 866-921-5154 for tech support. They were calling me various phone numbers from 661-748-0244, 661-748-0240, 661-748-0242, 661-380-3000, 661-748-0245, but when I called the numbers back, it did not go through. I thought that was odd. After they failed to answer my questions, I decided to terminate the relationship. I spoke to a manager named Sonya who was shooting the energy over the phone. There is no DNF Global Solutions with Mike Hughes as the President. 866-921-5154 is the Toll-free number to an all-inclusive exotic vacation; , as well as, to an India phone number. The phone numbers that the technicians were calling from apparently were fraudulent because many people were complaining about how they were unethical telemarketers. My computer has not crashed so the forensics can be obtained off it to get their IP Address so that their illegal activities can be stopped.

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