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March 3 5:34 pm
Instead of dealing with the secretive and useless FCC, why dont we deal with law makers? We pay these phone companies tons of money. They really are our company, making money off us suckers. I mean... you know you pay for poor people to have phones, right? This baloney crap where they are going to let us block 20 number is BS. This, you have to file a police report if you think someone is harassing you and by the way, calling you 6 times a day and hanging up is not harassment, has got to go. And making us buy these call monitoring services.. I mean, you still have to take or reject the calls, duh. We need to be able to have a BLOCK ALL CALLS BUT option. And then put all the numbers we believe will call and want to take, in. Mom, Dad, Granny, Doctor, Heating and Cooling dude, friends, work, etc. Then not a single punk @_$_$ call would get through. And next... well deal with junk mail.

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