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December 16 9:59 pm
Really REALITY? This is how you think? Apparently, you (lucky you, I should say) has never unexpectedly had the rug pulled out from under your life leaving you with not even enough gas to make it to work for the rest of the week to be able to collect a paycheck to pay your bills. You should keep your mouth shut about things you obviously no NOTHING about. How dare you! a**hole. I have never been late in my life until I lost my other half and all of a sudden had to make ends meet on my own. I make 1/4 of what they made and believe me, it doesnt take long before you have to sell everything you own just to keep a roof over your head. I hope you never have to face circumstances like these that happen no matter how hard you try. Then again, maybe a damn reality check is just what people like you need.

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