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December 22 1:57 pm
I received a call from these Gypsies, late this evening almost 5:50 p.m. about donating to breast cancer research. Tthe caller asked to speak to my husband, Sid. My husband only has an elderly maiden aunt who had breast cancer-- and this was pretty amazing itself. My own mother believed that she had breast cancer, but I thought that she was being duped; she never sought a second opinion; and lumpy breasts ran in her family; Her own mother had lumps removed and none were cancerous. However, my mother is the kind of person who may be duped about a lot of things although she thinks that she knows everything there is to know about medicine. At any rate, this outfit had no business calling me or asking specifically for my husband, and to speak to him supposedly about breast cancer research. I called back the number and received a recording about the Fund Raising Center. The recording did not specify what kind of fund raising center it was. So, I reported the call as a Do Not Call List violation directly via telephone to the FTC, shortly after I received the call. It does not surprise me that other Gypsies would call other people from this phone number.

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