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December 18 11:37 pm
SCAM!!! Call came up as unknown. Woman identified herself as Miss Baker and the company as Kingston Management. Asked for a phone number for my fiance. I asked her what it was in regards to. She would only give me a case number. I told her I would not give out his number, but requested a number he could return the call. She gave me #855-882-1062 (x408). When he called back, she claimed they were attempting to collect on an overdrafted account at a bank where my fiance has never held an account. She told him the balance was like $4000, but she could reduce it to $1800, and they could NOT take payments. But then later she told him he could make 4 payments. The debt she was claiming is nowhere to be found on his credit report. They are aggressive and will contact multiple people associated with the target.

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