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December 22 3:21 am
hello I have had no messages left on my answering service from this phone # 210-227-5081 as well. When I have answered their calls, someone listens to me as I greet the caller over and over . They give me no courtesy to adrress me back Instead the caller hangs up! If I redial, they do not answer? Well today I called it and a Ms Brown answered. She was very nice as I asked who they were and what they wanted with my phone # She asked me for my Number then asked me if there was a so and so living here. I stated yes and told her who I was. She then told me their business nature and what they needed. They are Business professional services and they help you with a billing from CMS services. They are ligit and mean no harm. They want to help you to avoid collections of an unresolved ambulance service

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