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January 4 11:03 pm
The telephone number, 661-748-0240, is for a Skype users account and a number that cannot be reached from mobile or landline telephones. The MICROSOFT domain listed to which PC users should connect is NOT A MICROSOFT domain name, but some FRAUDSTERS attempt to connect with YOUR PC, and then transfer presumably personal and sensitive information from YOUR PC to the PHISHING computer to which you are connected for some SCAM about a free malware scan for computer viruses, malware and other unwanted software that might have been inadvertently downloaded to your PC from e-mail attachments or embedded code, acquired from e-mail messages that you have opened and viewed, sent to you by unknown senders. If you are so unlucky as to receive one of these very dubious phone calls from the number given in this reply, just hang up! Remember that Microsoft would NEVER call you and will only contact you via e-mail to an e-mail address that you sent to Microsoft, when you registered a Microsoft product with the Microsoft Corporation, about some possible issue with the specific product(s) that you registered with Microsoft. IBMs motto is THINK. In this case, THINK FRAUD, SCAMS AND PHISHING BEFORE, NOT AFTER YOUR PC HAS BEEN HACKED AND YOU HAVE BEEN HUNG OUT TO DRY IN THE WIND because you have permitted a complete stranger to access the information on YOUR PC! Nothing is free on the planet in todays world and everything is possible, meaning that evil folks will try ANYTHING to get into the contents of your PC. Secure your computers contents and guard this information with your life, since, often, the data on your computer IS in large part, your life.

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