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March 6 4:54 am
I received a call today from 10 , ID shows Name Not Found, when picked up a man said they are calling from the Police department and trying to collect money for some cause. The first option was 700 some dollars all they way down to 10 dollars ,i replied i can not help.Why would a call from police show 10 on the caller ID ?

December 15 1:07 pm
They are CRIMINALS, not companies. They are attempting CREDIT CARD PHISHING in order to put steep charges on it, for which you will receive EMPTY PROMISES and nothing more. This is FRAUD.But, because a LOT of these calls originate from OVERSEAS, there is little that can be done about it after the fact since victims willingly give out their cc numbers to the THIEVES. BUYER BEWARE.It would be nice if the credit card companies intervened and BLOCKED these charges, then the criminals would be thwarted, and likely would stop calling, BUT since the big banks make money off these crimes via the interest they charge (and quite possibly kick backs...?) they have no incentive to do so.You can also report to the government, including the FBI, if youve been scammed; but, dont expect to see your money again.

December 15 1:07 pm
This number called me 3 times within 5 min. They are telling me that they are filing criminal charges against me 2mar

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