Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of individuals who are visiting our website and because of this, we want to secure the data we collect and use from them. (Website) imposes this privacy policy to make sure we utilize the gathered data from our users/visitors appropriately. We remind the visitors or users to read carefully the fine details of our policy when using our website and must likewise follow when they leave comments or feedback.

For visitors/users who need to utilize our site, they will need to agree on the aforementioned practices based on this guideline.

Collecting Data

When collecting data or information from individuals who are viewing our site, we typically ask them to send the name, email, home address, citizenship and more. The collection of data however only happens when the visitors or users present them willingly. We utilize the information to help them complete their requests, but we never use them for any unrelated purpose unless there is permission.

Checking and Gathering of Cookies

To make sure we meet the required compliance when evaluating and collecting web cookies, we follow the conditions and even ask cookie consent from visitors who comes from the EU. With this kind of approach, it ensures us proper tracking of individuals who view this site. The most important data we check and gather from the visitors or users include the browser and OS (operating system). It is important for us to evaluate these data in checking the actual number of visitors/users who read content and how they utilize the website. The collected data are only for the purpose of boosting our online visibility and improving our services better.

Distribution of Information

The sharing of information or data only manifest between (website), governing agencies and service providers with certain agreement when processing the requests. If the law requires us to share data from third parties, we may consider such request if not illegal.

Privacy Policy Alteration

When we need to change this privacy, it is within our authority to make the adjustments.